They eliminate acne naturally.

It is easy to assume acne is only a problem for the young, but many adults suffer from it too.

Many treatments exist, such as lotions and creams to try and reduce the effect of acne and eliminate it from the skin. It can arise as a result of hormonal changes, a poor diet or food allergies.

Onions naturally possess a quantity of sulphur and other compounds that combat acne naturally, whether in young people or adults. Because of their make-up, onions act as an antibiotic against the bacteria that cause skin injuries and problems.

In the case of acne, here is a natural remedy:

  1. Clean your face well with soap and water before drying it thoroughly.
  2. Squeeze an onion, crushing it so that you release its juice into a container.
  3. Soak a gauze or cotton pad in the onion juice and apply it to your face on the affected regions. Allow to act for a few minutes.
  4. Clean your face again with soap and water before drying it thoroughly.

We recommend you consult a medical professional to solve any problem related to your health.